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Stream Classes

When you can’t make it in to the studio, you can still take classes from our wonderful Carolina Yoga Company instructors by streaming their classes at YogaVibes!

Michelle Johnson, Flow Yoga

Online yoga with Michelle Johnson

Michelle’s classes link breath and motion to foster the connection of body, mind, and spirit.

Hollie Sue Mann, Jivamukti Yoga

Hollie’s class, Jivamukti Yoga Spiritual Warrior, is a well-rounded practice for busy people.

Alexandra DeSiato Marano, Pilates


Alexandra’s Pilates classes are fast-paced and fun, with classical Pilates elements and sequences you might find in a yoga class or a gym core class.

Lauren Sacks, Prenatal Yoga


Lauren’s classes help expecting mothers feel comfortable, supported, and connected in every trimester of pregnancy.

Olynda Smith, Alignment and Prenatal Yoga

Olynda’s classes offer clear alignment guidelines and trimester-by-trimester practices for pregnancy.

Sage Rountree, Yoga for Athletes and Everyone

Online yoga for athletes classes with Sage Rountree

Sage’s classes target the hips and the core to balance strength, flexibility, and focus for sports and for life. She also offers a new video series, Core Strength for Real People, full of short, do-able routines to shore up your core.